WATCH: Spotlight Russia: the first rule of moving bear cubs, you can’t say a word

Tue, 07/17/2012

It’s time for our cubs to abandon the little lair-homes that served as their shelters during the initial months of their existence and go out into the forest. But, since they’re not familiar with humans, not domesticated animals, and can’t be moved in someone’s arms or walked into the woods by leash, the move to the forest is a serious operation.

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Saving brown bears in Russia

Around the world, safe wild places for bears are disappearing. Mankind is destroying bear habitat at an alarming rate and bears are being hunted all over the world.

IFAW’s Bear Rescue Center in Russia has successfully returned more than 150 bears to the wild.

Working out of Bubonitsy, Russia, this groundbreaking project has become a world leader in bear rehabilitation, and we have shared its successful techniques with bear rehabilitation projects around the world.

Hunting brown bears