IFAW statement in response to Prime Minister Abe’s desire to return to commercial whaling

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Jun 10 2014

10th June 2014 – Further to Prime Minister Abe’s comments to a Japanese parliamentary hearing about his desire for Japan to return to commercial whaling, claiming that the world does not understand Japan’s “culture” of whaling.  IFAW’s marine campaign manager made the following comment:


“If Prime Minister Abe genuinely seeks greater understanding from the international community, complying with the judgment of the World Court would be a good start. 


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Antiques Roadshow sends consumers mixed signals with ivory appraisals

Jun 9 2014
Antiques Roadshow sends consumers mixed signals with ivory appraisals

Last week, Antiques Roadshow, the popular public television show, announced that it will no longer appraise carved ivory tusks on air. The show’s decision is commendable and IFAW applauds measures like these that diminish the ivory trade.

What the WTO victory means for animal welfare beyond the international seal trade

Jun 10 2014

When Canada and Norway complained about the EU’s 2009 seal trade ban to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the international trade body of 159 countries, we were very unsure as to what eventual outcomes might be. In a few cases it had ruled on the relationship between trade and public morality concerns, but never before had this international trade court taken on a case, let alone made a judgment, about animal welfare.

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VIDEO: Epic tiger release in Russia is wildly successful

Jun 6 2014

Celebrations are underway on both sides of the world as tigers Svetlaya and Ustin were safely released back to wild. This concludes the largest release of endangered Amur (aka Siberian) tigers in history and signals the return of the subspecies to historic tiger habitat in Russia’s Far East, a resounding victory for conservationists and animal welfare advocates.

Developing a community access road in Amboseli

Jun 6 2014
Developing a community access road in Amboseli

Teams working to clear the Kitenden Access Road.The year 2012 will certainly go down as one of the darkest in recent history of Amboseli ecosystem.