Recording whale calls will help protect threatened humpbacks off Cape Verde

Jun 6 2014
Acoustic recorder successfully deployed to monitor for threatened humpback whale

The acoustic recording device undergoing final tests on the deck of RV Meteor prior to deployment north of the Cape Verde Islands at the end of April.R/V Song of the Whale team member Conor Ryan joined the German RV Meteor in Mindelo, Cape Verde, at the end of April to deploy an acousti

Warum Südafrika Nashorn nicht legalisieren sollte

Apr 10 2014
Warum Südafrika Nashorn nicht legalisieren sollte

Beschlagnahmtes Nashorn im Hauptquartier des Zolls von Hongkong, 8. August 2013. Als Folge des illegalen Handels sind viele Tierarten vom Aussterben bedroht. Außerdem finanzieren sich bewaffnete Terrorgruppen am Horn von Afrika durch Wilderei


Kinderen lopen Avond4daagse voor de weesolifantjes

Jun 4 2014
Arien van der Heijden, directeur IFAW Nederland, neemt de cheque in ontvangst

Trots. Dat gevoel overheerste de afgelopen week.


Bijna 900 kinderen liepen de Avond4daagse voor het olifantenweeshuis in Zambia! Vier basisscholen in Utrecht en één in Rijssen haalden samen een prachtig bedrag op. De kinderen ontvingen een IFAW-lespakket over olifanten, leerden alles over deze prachtige dieren, zochten wekenlang naar sponsors, knutselden zelf olifantenkostuums in elkaar en liepen vier avonden lang 5 of 10 kilometer. Op de laatste avond kreeg ik een cheque van de Utrechtse scholen overhandigd.


Des saisies d’ivoire qui se succèdent en France

Jun 4 2014

Pièces saisies dans une boutique de Saint-Denis. Crédit photo : Douanes françaises Le 23 mai, les autorités douanières de l’île de la Réunion ont saisi 208 objets en ivoire sous la forme de bracelets, colliers et statuettes sculptées dans une boutique à Saint Denis.

Spotlight India: Civet pups begin to see the world

Jun 5 2014
IFAW and the Wildlife Trust of India are caring for four orphaned civets.

An IFAW staff member feeds milk to a civet pup.

On April 30, our International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) rehabilitation station in Bodoland received four new animals – new-born common palm civet pups. Barely a few days old, the pups hadn’t even opened their eyes when brought in by the Forest Department.

Matt Sorum Drums Up Musicians’ Support for U.S. Ivory Ban

Publication Date: 
Jun 3 2014
Matt Sorum Drums Up Musicians’ Support for U.S. Ivory Ban
Matt Sorum Drums Up Musicians’ Support for U.S. Ivory Ban

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, legendary Grammy Award-winning drummer of Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult and Kings of Chaos, and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) supporter Matt Sorum, penned an open letter urging fellow musicians to support the U.S. government’s National Strategy for Combatting Wildlife Trafficking, which seeks to dramatically reduce the U.S. role in elephant poaching by enacting new rules on ivory trade.

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Washington, D.C
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Press Contact: 
Cynthia Carson, (IFAW US)
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That Special Bond: In New York City, holding on to an animal for dear life

Jun 3 2014
That Special Bond: In New York City, holding on to an animal for dear life

We know it immediately when we look into the eyes of another species: There can be a special bond. Many people feel it when they experience a moment with their dog or cat. For a few lucky people, we have experienced a bond with a creature as magnificent as an elephant, a rhinoceros, a whale, a dolphin, or an ape.

Below are some recent thoughts from IFAW CEO Azzedine Downes on that special bond. Look for more articles on this theme in the future…-- ED