Japan’s whaling vessels heading to Antarctic – but without their harpoons

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Jan 7 2015
archive photo © IFAW
archive photo © IFAW

A smaller than usual Japanese whaling fleet is due to leave port in Shimonoseki tomorrow (Thursday) to carry out research in the Antarctic - but no whales will be harpooned after the World Court ruled last year that its ‘scientific’ whaling in the Southern Ocean was illegal.

Japan’s Fisheries Agency announced that a reduced number of boats will instead head to the Antarctic to carry out sighting surveys, biopsy work and photo identification of whales led by the country’s Institute of Cetacean Research.

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Koalas sew need you this summer

Jan 8 2015
Once rescued koalas docile creatures who will sit still and let you treat them

UPDATE January 11 2015:

Our call for koala mittens has been incredibly successful and we are now being inundated with mittens from thoughtful people all over Australia and as far afield as Europe, Canada and the US!

Where is sea turtle #1306?

Jan 6 2015
The author helping turtle #727 with its rehabilitation.

The author helping turtle #727 with its rehabilitation. This post was filed by Belinda Rubinstein, one of our IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue and Research responders that helped care for turtles rescued during an unprecedented sea turtle cold stunning event. -- KP

Spotlight Mexico: Coco’s Animal Welfare participates in Mi Amigo de la Calle festival

Jan 9 2015
Lola was adopted at a previous event.

Lola was adopted at a previous event.Last month, IFAW and Coco’s Animal Welfare (previously Coco’s Cat Rescue) participated in a unique festival event called Mi Amigo de la Calle, or My Street Friend.

Тигр Устин вернулся в реабилитационный центр.

Dec 31 2014

Давно мы не писали про «наших» больших кошек, а новостей накопилось достаточно.