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Marine Mammals And Marine Turtles Of The Pacific Islands Region
1st January 2007 by adintino
The Pacific Islands Region is a globally significant area that supports a wide range of marine turtles and marine mammals inc Read more »
In the Name of Science: A Review of Scientific Whaling
30th May 2006 by smoos
Scientific whaling has been used to keep the whaling industry in business through a period when commercial whaling is banne Read more »
Global climate drives southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) population dyna
1st December 2005 by adintino
Sea surface temperature (SST) time-series from the southwest Atlantic and the El Nin˜o 4 region in the western Pacific Read more »
1st June 2005 by jjones
This report updates and expands the Third Millennium Foundation’s (3MF) 2002 “Briefing on Japan’s ‘Vo Read more »
Western Gray Whales off Sakhalin Island, Russia: A Joint Russia-U.S. Scientific
15th July 2004 by adintino
Research on the western gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) population summering off northeastern Sakhalin Island, Russia, has Read more »
In Defence of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
1st June 2004 by adintino
The status, accomplishments and future of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales (SOSW), established by the International Wh Read more »