All Press Releases for Whales

18th June 2009
IFAW opposes whaling because it is unacceptably cruel – there is no humane way to kill a whale and research has shown that whales shot with explosive harpoons can take more than half an hour to die. Targeting an endangered species also raise Read more »
19th May 2009
IFAW’s Tails for Whales campaign is a global, grassroots initiative calling for stronger whale protection. IFAW is asking the public to contribute “visual petitions” to illustrate support for whales. Goran Visnjic, Amber Valetta, Jo Read more »
19th May 2009
The International Whale Conservation and Protection Act of 2009 calls for the U.S. to renew its whale conservation leadership worldwide. The legislation comprehensively addresses major threats to whales including commercial whaling, ship strikes, Read more »
14th April 2009
Three whaling vessels returned to Shimonoseki port yesterday morning and the accident prone factory vessel, the Nisshin Maru, is expected to return today.  According to Japan’s Fisheries Agency, the whalers have killed 679 minke wha Read more »
11th March 2009
For several years, the 84-nation intergovernmental Commission has elaborated a detailed scientific procedure (Revised Management Procedure) to ensure all catch limits for any future commercial whaling would be within sustainable limits calculated Read more »
18th February 2009
Outgoing Fisheries and Agriculture Minister, Einar K Gudfinnsson, recently granted commercial whaling quotas of up to 150 endangered fin whales and 100 minke whales a year for the next five years. Iceland’s new Fisheries Minister, Steingrim Read more »