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24th August 2007 by
IFAW opposes whaling on the grounds that it is cruel and unnecessary. Economic studies in Iceland commissioned by IFAW and Read more »
Is Japan’s whaling humane?
20th August 2007 by
For the past two decades, a polarised debate has raged in the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission ( Read more »
9th July 2007 by
The event highlighted this summer’s cetacean survey of the eastern Mediterranean Sea which began in May. Mahmoud Read more »
6th June 2007 by
Since 1994, Japan and Norway have regularly submitted proposals to CITES seeking to weaken protection for the great whales Read more »
31st May 2007 by
Key anti-whaling actions included the adoption of a resolution condemning Japanese whaling, and a report by the IWC Read more »
29th May 2007 by
Dr. Joth Singh, IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare - Director of Wildlife and Habitat said from the Read more »