Over 10,000 Kids Create a Roar With Their Art in Moscow

One of the submissions to the Russian Darwin Museum tiger art competition.

Just over a century ago, a young Russian scientist led the effort to found the world's first dedicated natural history museum - the State Darwin Museum in my hometown of Moscow. Today, this impressive museum has one of the most extensive and significant natural history collections in our country - and, in fact, in the world. For the next few months, it will also host one of Russia's largest and most passionate annual exhibits of children's artwork.

As part of our Animal Action education program, IFAW has partnered with the Darwin museum each spring for the past 10 years to display this stunning exhibition of children's environmental pictures and posters. Submitted by children from all across our vast country, the artwork showcases Russia's many different landscapes, beautiful scenery and diverse, amazing wildlife.

This year's exhibit continues the special focus on "his Majesty," the tiger, which was launched by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin last November, when he hosted world leaders at the International Tiger Forum in St. Petersburg.

On the ground in Russia, India, China and other range states, we at IFAW have taken wild tigers under our wing too. And so have the world's children. We recorded video messages with hundreds of children speaking out for tigers and then we presented these youth voices for tigers to world leaders at the St. Petersburg summit. We have also mobilized public action, collecting more than 200,000 signatures from Russian children and their families on a pledge to "Protect the Tiger!".

And now we have the artistic efforts of thousands of Russian children to give a creative roar to save these beautiful and charismatic animals, which have been powerless before the onslaught of man. As few as 3,000 tigers survive in the wild.

I'm so pleased to invite you to a special virtual tour of the exhibition. Interesting, original, moving, masterfully executed, I could go on and on. Do these wonderful works inspire you too? Tell us how in the comments!

-- LA

For more information about the International Fund for Animal Welfare effort to protect wild tigers visit http://www.ifaw.org/tigers

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