Swedish Wolves Surviving Long Odds Against Hunters

A Swedish wolf, like one of 19 recently killed by hunters.

The Swedish wolf hunt has now come to a bitter end. Pity the poor hunters who didn’t manage to fill their quota – it turns out they were one wolf short and only killed 19 of the 20 allowed. It almost breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

Perhaps not. Especially when you learn that Sweden let over 6,700 hunters loose to kill the 20 wolves. With odds like that it’s a wonder there’s anything left alive in the forests of Sweden!

Forgive the tone of this blog posting please, most of the time we try to be very straightforward and direct in how we tell people about animal welfare issues.  However this hunt is such a travesty it brings out some serious sarcasm in me. For a more customary condemnation click here and read what EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik had to say when the hunt was announced.

Or maybe just congratulate the one wolf who got away, even at the odds of 335 hunters to a single wolf!

-- AH

For more information on the International Fund for Animal Welfare effort to help save animals in crisis around the world, visit http://www.ifaw.org

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6 years ago

Why can't they leave the wolves alone! Here in the US we are fighting constantly to keep them safe. and
in Alaska they hunt them down by helicopters to shoot them!! That is a REAL sportsman ..right? I just cannot believe the injustice to the wild animals.

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