As the Hunting Act turns six the fight to protect animals continues

Today is the sixth anniversary of the Hunting Act, which banned the chasing and killing of foxes, deer, hare and mink with dogs for ‘sport’. IFAW is working hard to ensure that MPs reflect the will of the compassionate majority of the British public who do not want to see the Act repealed.

The IFAW UK team hands off declarations at the DEFRA office in London.

With this aim in mind, I and the rest of the IFAW campaigns team yesterday donned our fox, hare and stag costumes to deliver more than 10,000 signed declarations to the Government calling on it to protect the hunt ban. The Government has promised to give MPs the chance to get rid of the law that protects Britain’s wildlife from being torn apart by dogs for entertainment.

As well as our lobbying efforts, IFAW is also helping to protect foxes from other threats they face in their day-to-day life. I am proud to announce that IFAW is supporting the incredible work of the Fox Project, which helps rescue foxes and re-release them into the wild. Over the last 20 years the Fox Project has rescued about 7,000 foxes.

I had the privilege of visiting the Fox Project a few weeks ago to see the invaluable work they carry out. I met Mickie, a scared, timid little vixen who had an open wound on her rear. Thankfully, because of  the dedication of staff in the project’s intensive care unit Mickie has progressed on to a foster pen and will soon be re-released into the wild.

I was also fortunate enough to see Monty. Sadly he was suffering from severe hair loss caused by mange. Luckily, although mange can look very unpleasant and is certainly uncomfortable for the fox, it can be easily treated. Monty had been safely captured and after careful nursing at the Fox Project he has now been returned to the wild fit and well.

With IFAW’s funding the Fox Project has been able to combine its efforts with Folly Wildlife Rescue to build a wildlife hospital. The hospital will not only treat foxes, but also badgers, deer and many more animals. It will make a huge difference to thousands of Britain’s wild animals every year.

Foxes have been unfairly vilified over the years but seeing them first hand and speaking to the experts who deal with them every day all year re-affirmed to me what amazing creatures they are. I hope you will join me in applauding the incredible work carried out in all conditions by the Fox Project.

-- TMS

For more information on the International Fund for Animal Welfare effort to help support the Hunting Act in the United Kingdom, visit

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3 years ago

We need to protect all our wildlife, including foxes - too much human interference negatively impacts on the delicate balance between prey and predator which is necessary for a healthy eco-system. The fox hunting ban must remain and all hunters who continue this obnoxious so-called "sport" must pay the price for flouting the law.

4 years ago

I support not only the fox project, but also the national fox welfare society:

Who also do fantastic work! :-)

4 years ago

All Animal cruelty MUST STOP! These innocent creatures of God did nothing to anyone to be treated with such disrespect all these YEARS OF TORTURE BY MAN and ANIMALS!!!! ITs TIME WE ALL MAKE A STAND TO PROTECT ALL TO THE FULL EXTENT!!!! MAN IS EVIL and SATAN works within him, Why can people be more compationate, There should be LAWs Against ALL Animal Cruelty!!!!

4 years ago

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