A Second Chance for Brownie and Maya on Valentine's Day

Brownie the dog.

Some girls wish for flowers or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but not Maya, Mira and Brownie. I have no doubt these three hungry girls would have eaten chocolate (bad for dogs!) if they could have gotten their paws on it but what they really got for Valentine’s Day was a second chance.

Brownie was dumped on someone’s doorstep when they decided they didn’t want her anymore. Mira was called in as unwanted and again, ended up on the same doorstep. And Maya was no longer wanted by her owner.

She was already skinny but between the call to get rid of her and the pick up, she probably didn’t eat for another four days. IFAW got the call and the dogs got their second chance.

The logistics behind a dog move, even a small one, are complicated and frustrating. Flights must have space for the crates and phone calls have to be made to airports to find out if dogs make it onto the plane. Planes are always late and dogs get shuffled to cargo by mistake.

Someone has to meet the dogs and clean the dirty crates and dirty dogs. Sometimes ground transport is not available until the next day so the dogs have to be taken to a kennel or a vet’s office to overnight before the next person is ready to pick them up. That person can get lost or as happened on Sunday night, snowed in.

Maya the dog.

Thankfully, there are people who are simply… angels. Rosie’s Animal Adoption in Montreal takes in lots of pups from this particular community (see Mimi, Owen, Oprah, Meadow and her pups) and even though they weren’t taking in these three, they offered to meet Neil (ground transport between Montreal and Toronto) at the airport and help him with the dogs.

Rosie’s are the ones who called me to let me know the dogs were on the plane. Rosie’s were the ones who arrived at the airport before Neil (who actually never did arrive!).

Rosie’s were the ones who cleaned out the dirty cages and took the dogs to their vet’s to overnight after the driving conditions deteriorated. And the next morning… you guessed it -- Rosie’s were there again picking up the dogs and getting them on the road with Neil. Angels.

Maya, Mira and Brownie are already being loved by their foster families. Maya especially lived the hard life and has the nipples and mama instinct to prove it! Her foster mummy (from fantastic ARF who rehomes so many of these deserving dogs for us!) wrote me this morning….

“I am incredibly impressed with Maya. What a happy, happy girl. I would say that she is one of my best V-Day gifts ever! I think it was instant love. She’s a peace keeper as whenever my two start playing, she steps between them. She's a people lover and presently is resting at my feet : ) A very good first night transition... Can't wait to get to know her more!”

I bet Maya thinks SHE had the best Valentine’s Day ever!


For more information on the International Fund for Animal Welfare efforts to help animals in crisis around the world, visit http://www.ifaw.org

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6 years ago

I'm a volunteer with ARF, this story certainly made me smile and cry. It is absolutely beautiful the teamwork, how the rescues pitch in and help each other out. Beautiful job!!!


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