A Valentine's Day Poem From Nova Scotia's Seals

Sally the Seal offers a Valentine's Day flower to the people of Nova Scotia.

Happy Valentine's Day! The organizers of the Canada Winter Games have declared that today is I Love Nova Scotia Day, and the Premier of Nova Scotia, Darrell Dexter, is heralding Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate everything that is wonderful about the province.

I love Nova Scotia too. It's a wonderful place. The music, the people, the scenery, the delicious microbrews, there is a lot to love about Nova Scotia .

What I don't love, however, is the fact that every year around this time a hunt of grey seal pups takes place in this province. In beautiful Nova Scotia, up to 60,000 grey seals may be slaughtered this year, under the incorrect assumption that killing seals will help cod stocks. This initiative is politically driven, since there is NO scientific evidence that killing seals will benefit fisheries. The idea that killing seals will solve problems created by fisheries mismanagement is simply nonsense.

With wildlife being such an important part of what's wonderful about Nova Scotia, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is asking Premier Dexter to celebrate the province's wild seal populations and protect them, rather than allowing them to be inhumanely hunted for their fur or culled in a misguided move that will not help fish stocks.

Please take our action to send a message this Valentine's Day that you love Nova Scotia, but that you also love seals and believe they should be protected, not slaughtered.

IFAW will be attending the I Love Nova Scotia Day festivities with a special message for Premier Darrell Dexter:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Grey seals love Nova Scotia,
Won't you love us too?

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! And happy I Love Nova Scotia Day too!


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