IFAW Dubai: "Spots", Victim of Hit and Run Needs Home

Hi all - I received this email in my in-box from our International Fund for Animal Welfare team in Dubai, United Arab Emirates...it's a heart-breaker...but it may yet have a happy ending for our "Spots" the dog...we don't usually publish direct appeals of this nature, however if you or someone who is in Dubai would like to adopt or help pay for her rehabilitation, please use the contact information below...Many thanks, - J.C. - IFAW

Dear Friends,

Tonight on my way home, I received a call from a couple of good Samaritans. They have found a dog in the middle of Al Awir deserted area in a very bad shape.

SPOTS 1 She was hit by a car and unable to walk, God knows for how many hours she has been at the side of the road.

By looking at where she was found and taking a 360 * look around there were no signs of been lost from any home, so we strongly believed that she was abandoned and disorientated looking for her home and owner got hit by a car and could not move at all.

After rushing her to Modern Veterinary Clinic, and having looked at the X-rays she needs a surgery on the knee cap area and must stay in hospitals a few days.

The bill will be approximately AED 2000 if everything goes well and by the end of this week she must have a place to go.

Could anyone out there, offer her a loving home ?

Should anyone wishes to help for the cost of her recovery please go direct and contribute the funds to Friends of Animals account direct at MODERN VETERINARY HOSPITAL in Al Wasel rd 04 3953131.


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6 years ago

So did this dog get adopted, what a sad story....I hope there is a successful ending to the story....please let me know I would like an update

6 years ago

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7 years ago

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7 years ago

How do I contact someone about adoting the dog "spots" from Dubai? I live in the US. My emial is run4nl@comcast.net. Can some one pass this info on the the person who posted the story?

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