UPDATE: IFAW Rescued Dog "Fernando" Recuperating!

DSCN4293 I received an update in my inbox this morning including some photos about Fernando, the dog who had been injured and living with his injuries at a construction site in Dubai.

Here is the note from the vet team there:

"Here are some more photos of Fernando now called ( GIZMO) by the new family . He
is doing much better and within few more days his stitches and his drain will be removed.

Surprisingly, he's running like he had 4 legs, he is loving and happy
always looking for attention."

A nice ending to what started out as a sad tale...thanks to all the supporters who chimed in on his behalf on the IFAW Facebook Fan page!

J.C. Bouvier
International Fund for Animal Welfare

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8 years ago

This is a great ending to the story. Animals seem to do okay on three legs. Of course it is important not to let them get overweight.

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