Killing Seals for Seats in Ottawa

Click on the image below to read IFAW Science Advisor Dr. David Lavigne's op-ed


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7 years ago

I challenge you to post the truth. Gail Shea is a conservative member of government. She gets no votes from the Magdalen Islands or Newfoundland because we dont vote conservative. Magdalen Islanders are seperatist for an independent Quebec and they vote BLOQ, Newfoundlanders have only one conservative member.

8 years ago

Such a henious act of killing pups or adults.These animals are helpless and naturally handicapped on the the ground.They do not have effective four feet to escape from their Barbarian Predators(humans)their other predators(polar bears)are much less cruel to these innocent creatures.Oh God have mercy on the seals give us the strength and means to save these animals.

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