This post was filed by the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Canadian Campaigns Manager, Barbara Cartwright.

It has been on year since we started our ground breaking work to rehabilitate Grizzly bears in British Columbia. It has been an exciting year that has seen two bears (Suzy and Johnny) rescued, rehabilitated and released with tracking collars, new bear habitat constructed at NLWS, new insight in to grizzly behaviour under care and two new bears were rescued and will be released next July.

Update on Suzy and Johnny

We have suspended aerial flights now until the spring. The last signal we received was from Johnny’s collar on October 15th.  We know that the area they were in was excellent bear habitat, lots of vegetation and berries, lots of caves that could be used for winter denning and a full days hike from the closest logging road.

Update on Espen and Koda

Siblings Espen and Koda will spend the next year in the newly completed grizzly bear enclosure at the Northern Lights Wildlife Sanctuary. The enclosure measures over 8000 sq feet, is specifically designed with what the bears require in mind and was built with the support of IFAW and public donations to NLWS. The new grizzly bear enclosure is a marked improvement over the previous one used in the rehabilitation of Johnny and Suzy, the two original grizzly bear cubs rescued and rehabilitated for the pilot project and released earlier this summer. It is hoped that these two bears will be released with collars next July 2009.
It has been a successful year! Projects like this demonstrate that humans can provide essential support for the protection and continuation of this majestic and iconic species.

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8 years ago

Best of luck to the two grizzly bears!!!
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