China Earthquake: Rescue Stories


A dog named Xiao Hei (Little Black) was crushed under the rubbles for 5 days. He was emaciated and suffered from injuries on his left hind leg. Understandably, his personality changed considerably after the earthquake. Xiao Hei quickly became afraid of strangers and aggressive when approached. He was in need of a kind soul to take him and show him comfort after this devastating event. One of Xiao Hei's owners suggested that our team euthanize Xiao Hei, which he felt would put him out of his misery. The IFAW team was puzzled by this request but found comfort in speaking with Xiao Hei's other owner who would soon bring much needed comfort into Xiao Hei's life. She embraced Xiao Heir and brought him to the vterinarian's where they were able to vaccinate him as a preventative measure and treat his injuries. Xiao Hei walked away in the arms of a loving owner and an IFAW collar. Our timely intervention saved Xiao Hei's life.

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