WARNING - GRAPHIC FOOTAGE - IFAW Documents Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt Day 3 Cruelty

In what may prove to be some of the most violent footage of the 2008 Canadian commercial seal hunt to date, the International Fund for Animal Welfare has posted this short video of two seal pups clearly in agony as they are attempted to be killed by rifle fire and in the last case a subsequent clubbing.  Please consider donating today to help IFAW end this cruel hunt once and for all.

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9 years ago

I am totally disgusted and heart-broken after watching the short video footage. How can some call this a "humane" hunt?? It is quite obvious that the seal is suffering and in pain after the first partially-missed shot. My question is, why, if the sealer is a so-called "professional", didn't he get off the boat right away and put the seal out of its misery when its obvious even to the naked eye that the seal is suffering, disoriented and in pain? Instead the sealer lets go another salve of shots into the already heavily bleeding animal and then finally clubs the seal over the head a couple of times to finish the job. This brutal, cruel and barbaric raping of living creatures for pure greed and profit must stop. I will not set foot in Canada, nor buy any Canadian products until this mass massacre of sentient marine mammals is stopped for good.

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