IFAW Orphan Bear Cub Project Receives New Wards

This report was recently submitted by Mila Danilova, IFAW's Project Coordinator in Russia.

In the evening of February 2, 2008 two bear cubs were brought to IFAW Orphan Bear Cubs Project. Their mother was killed in legal hunt in the Holm District of the Novgorod Province, three kilometers from the nearest village, in a den. The female bear was unusually large for nowadays - 180 kg compared to average 100-120kg. The cubs were delivered by the hunt inspector only two hours after the hunt, and that’s why they were in a good state. They were a male and a female, 1800 grams and nearly one month old.  Their eyes opened February 5 (the eyes of the bear cubs usually open on the 28 – 30 day).  As there were only two cubs in the den, they had enough milk from their mother and were well-nourished. The male bear cub started to eat in 24 hours and the female was slower to learn to eat from a bottle.

The first female bear cub, Sonya, arrived January 23 aged around 20 days. Her mother was killed in illegal hunt January 12. There were two cubs in the litter; one was crushed by the female bear when she rushed out of the den. The cub spent ten days with a family. When these people realized that the bear cub is not a pet and knew about the IFAW project where cubs can be rehabilitated and returned to the wild, they brought the cub there. Svetlana Pazhetnov sees this cub as an ‘ideal’ – she eats well and in time, sleeps well and, in general, makes no troubles at all.

The photographs show Masha Vorontsova and Valentin Pazhetnov with the cubs.

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9 years ago

I agree with Curtis, "They look so cute! I'm glad the family gave the bear cubs up though, how dangerous!"
Kristal Rosebrook

9 years ago

They look so cute! I'm glad the family gave the bear cubs up though, how dangerous!

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