A Chance At Survival For Most Who Were Rescued

Rescued_rabbitNothing could have made me happier today than to meet a young boy and a rabbit he rescued from the flood waters.

I have to admit that when I first saw the young boy carrying the dehydrated-on-death's-bed rabbit over to our rescue truck, anger brewed inside of me because I assumed the rabbit's poor appearance was a result of neglect and possible abuse. However, my stomach soon settled once I found out the boy had actually rescued the rabbit from drowning and was trying to care for it. After treatment we helped him gather a box with towels and grass so that he could start to build a habitat for the rabbit. Eduardo, the veterinarian we were working with today said the rabbit will heal in no time with a course of antibiotics.

And then there was the puppy that was swimming for its life and was rescued by a passer-by. Again, at first glance the puppy looks like it has been living in a trash can for the past week, but thanks to a good samaritan the puppy now has a chance at life.

These are the kinds of stories we heard over and over today. And oh do Tabasco-nians love to talk! Our translator and rescue assistant "Jen" received an earful of stories today and she tried her best to keep us in the loop. Even when we met a little girl who was no older than 5 and claimed she knew how to drive a car. Then she went on to tell us that she likes it when the electricians drive by because their truck plays a really fun song. And she sang it for us. There's never any down time in conversation here - that's for sure!

The low laying areas of Villahermosa are still sitting in water. Not nearly as much water as before but still enough to make for an uncomfortable life. The heat is really unbearable during mid day, so we were startled to hear that dogs in particular were left on roof tops for days when the water flooded the city. We were told that the owners would come in with boats and check on their animals every day. Life back on the street is not optimal, but I'm sure it beats basking in the heat of mid day Mexican sunshine on a roof.

Tomorrow our team is going to be taking aid into an area that has been fairly unreachable until now. We were just able to get a complete assessment done of the area today and have identified much need there.

Our day to day work remains much the same, however the work IFAW has organized on the ground has proved to be most effective. Yesterday we reached over 100 animals, today more than 200.

It's 9:38pm and the vet team has just arrived back at base, so we are going to have our debrief and prep talk for tomorrow.

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