TV "Hero" is real-life hero for whales

Actress Hayden Panettiere, who plays a character trying to save the world on the television show, "Heroes", wants to be a hero to whales in real-life.  Panettiere recently traveled to Japan to protest the slaughter of pilot whales, which are part of the dolphin family.  The whales are trapped in nets in the shallow water of Taiji Cove, and then killed by divers.  Panettiere was one of a group of peaceful protesters who entered the cove on surfboards, and then formed a memorial circle.  Hunters tried to disperse the group by threatening them with boat hooks and propellers, but no one was injured.

While Panettiere and her fellow protesters didn't stop the hunt, they did draw international attention to a previously little-known type of whale slaughter.

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5 years ago

why dont you have more articles about the dolphin slaughtery in taiji?

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