Ecologists fear huge rise in krill catch

An article by Andrew Darby in the Sydney Morning Herald outlines new developments in fishing and processing techniques for catching and processing krill, a process that has previously proved difficult.

Super trawlers are being geared to tap into this vast seafood resource, using dragging nets hundreds of metres wide and pumping the krill out to another vessel. At an international meeting in early November in Hobart, plans were unveiled to take up to 746,000 tonnes per year of Antarctic krill.

Environmentalists are concerned about the impact on marine life from the use of pair trawlers, which have been banned in some seas as their nets can snare mammals and there is concern as to the effect on Antarctic birds and marine mammals who rely on krill as a source of food, such as penguins and humpback whales.

Read the full article in the Sydney Morning Herald

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