Update on Uruguay Oiled Penguins - 9.4.07

IFAW Emergency Responder Valeria Ruoppolo and IFAW Director of Response Services Barbara Callahan filed this update on the release of 38 rehabilitated penguins who were recently oiled.

Ururelease5smallOn Sunday, the ER Team released another 25 rehabilitated penguins from SOCOBIOMA in Uruguay. Unfortunately, 2 of these released birds returned and were readmitted for evaluation and so far, the team is unsure as to why as their blood and waterproofing is good.

There are only 10 birds that remain in care. These birds aren’t yet waterproof due to the loss of feathers around the cloaca. The feathers were damaged due to improper housing in the early days of captivity. Basically, these birds have lost their feathers because feces were allowed to build up around their vents and it has literally eaten away the feather structure. Without healthy, undamaged feathers, birds are not able to stay waterproof. These birds will have to be kept in captivity now until their feathers grow in, which could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. The housing substrate has been corrected with the arrival of the ER Team and the SOCOBIOMA staff will take over caring for these last few birds.

Current numbers are:

  • 10 live in care
  • 06 clean (two came back)
  • 02 oiled
  • 02 un-oiled weak juveniles
  • 12 died
  • 02 euthanized
  • 38 released

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10 years ago

That's fabulous that 25 more penguins were released...So precious!
I wrote a great blog post about penguins...maybe you'd like it: http://ExoticAnimalLover.com/?p=29
Keep up the great blogs!
Kimberly Edwards :D

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