IFAW Rescues Dogs from Cozumel, Mexico

Wednesday, 14 July, 2010
Yarmouth Port, MA
IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare www.ifaw.org) rescued nine dogs today from Cozumel, Mexico giving them a second chance at permanent homes in the United States. The dogs were taken to the Longmont Humane Society (LHS) in Longmont, Colorado.

“After careful consideration, we have decided the best option is to find new homes outside of Cozumel for some of these special dogs and cats,” said Kate Atema, IFAW Companion Animal Director. “We are working hard to provide long-term solutions to the many threats faced by companion animals in Cozumel with expanding the local shelter and its programs, spay and neuter clinics and an education campaign on responsible pet ownership.”

The animals arrived in Colorado via Cloud Nine Animal Rescue Flights. Eight of the dogs will be cared for by LHS until they find permanent homes and the ninth dog, a 2-year-old mixed female named “Alvina” will be adopted by a local Longmont resident.

“We are happy to find new homes for these animals from an overcrowded Cozumel, Mexico animal shelter,” said Kim Wehde from LHS. “Adoptions like these do a great job of bringing attention to local shelters and encouraging people to adopt pets from their local shelters. We have many more wonderful animals here just waiting to find a new forever home.”

For over a year, IFAW has been providing veterinary care to several dogs and cats who lived with their caretakers in a lean-to at the municipal dump. This spring, a new management company took over the dump and evicted the animals along with the men who were taking care of them, leaving the animals homeless and facing certain death.

IFAW joined forces with Cozumel Humane Society (CHS), a local shelter that took in the dogs. In order to alleviate crowding, the partnership with CHS is now expanding to transport the animals to Colorado. IFAW has stepped in to find homes in the United States for many of the CHS animals, freeing the CHS to continue its day-to-day work rescuing dogs and cats in Cozumel from cruelty, starvation and injury.

Added Atema, “We have given a second chance at life not only to the lucky 9 dogs we brought today, but also to the many additional pets from Longmont that get adopted and the many dogs still fighting for their lives in Cozumel.”

To adopt a dog or cat, contact Longmont Humane Society at +1 (303) 772-1232 or visit www.ifaw.org and fill out an adoption form.

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