Recommended Measures to Reduce Ship Strikes of North Atlantic Right Whales

To reduce the risk of vessel collisions with right whales, three basic management measures, derivatives and combinations thereof are proposed to address commercial ships:
• Routing vessels around high-risk areas.
• Routing ships through a high-risk area to minimize travel distances of vessels and risks of whale-vessel interactions.
• Restricting vessel speed through high-risk areas.


Dr. Maria (Masha) N. Vorontsova, Regional Director, Russia & CIS
Regional Director, Russia & CIS
Dr. Ralf (Perry) Sonntag, Country Director, Germany
Country Director, Germany
Isabel McCrea, Regional Director, Oceania
Regional Director, Oceania 2011 - 2015
IFAW Japan Representative
IFAW Japan Representative
Patrick Ramage, Program Director, Whales
Program Director, Whales