A wish for a happy and prosperous Year of the Snake, with a caveat

I have just returned from a week-long trip to Beijing where International Fund for Animal Welfare staff met with government officials and representatives from the private sector to plan how best to dampen rising demand for ivory.

There is a festive atmosphere in Beijing in anticipation of celebrations of the new Chinese New Year, the Year of the Snake. 

I was fortunate enough to meet with a large number of IFAW supporters who are committed to the goal of arresting the killing of elephants for their ivory. 

As I wished everyone a happy new year, I was counseled by the IFAW China staff to make sure I wished everyone a prosperous new year as well.

I wish all of our supporters in China a prosperous new year. 

I wish all people of China a prosperous new year. 

I wish that prosperity with a caveat, though, when it comes to the year of the snake. I ask everyone to think about the elephants that have been killed over the past year and ask that prosperity not come at the expense of elephants. 

Prosper, and wish for the prosperity of all life. 

In this Year of the Snake, rejoice in the spring festival and wish the best for all, elephants included.

-- AD

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