WATCH: In Bali, communities have embraced their dogs’ welfare

BAWA videographer Adithio Noviello produced an outstanding video “From the Trash Dump to Place of Honour,”, above.


What a difference two years makes.

In 17 Bali villages where the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) works with its partner Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), the dogs are noticeably healthier, and residents are full of pride and affection for their companions.

Oceania Communications Manager Rebekka Thompson-Jones says the Bali dogs are “loving, inquisitive, and just great fun to be around. They are very vocal; they love to say hi to strangers.”

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The Bali team has produced an assessment report showing significant improvement in many key areas, including improved dog health and welfare, improved community care, reduced abandonment, reduced or eliminated “selling” of dogs to dog meat restaurants.

What’s more, dog clubs are forming to celebrate and provide better care for Bali dogs, and a dog show was held in one community in December.

Using the “Participatory Learning and Action” model, the Bali team is making considerable strides, working toward long-term objectives with community involvement. In one, community members are independently organizing and funding their own vaccination programs.

The BAWA videographer Adithio Noviello produced an outstanding video “From the Trash Dump to Place of Honour,” highlighting this work during my visit to the area with Rebekka and IFAW Veterinary Advisor Kati Loeffler.


Watch the Adithio's video above, and for more information, visit our project page.

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