Mon, 04/07/2014
België vernietigt morgen 1500 kilo ivoor, hulde voor de douane

Little Belgium is making big waves with their decision to destroy their entire ivory stockpile.

The final weight of the ivory isn't clear but it will be at least 1.5 tonnes!

Considering Belgium only has 11 million people it is a staggering amount of ivory and a testament to the amount of ivory being transported through Belgium, from Africa on the way to Asia.

Belgian customs should be saluted for the seizures they have made and the work they do. It goes beyond simply stopping random travelers. Belgian customs have implemented a series of training workshops where they bring in customs officers from elephant range states and show them how people hide ivory in statues or paint it to make it look plastic.

This is exactly the kind of international cooperation we, and the elephants need, to stamp out the ivory trade.


To learn more about Belgium and the Ivory Trade please read, download and share our infographic below.