Polar bears: trading death for life

The Obama Administration has an opportunity to save the lives of thousands of polar bears.  Within the next few months, they must decide whether or not to propose that the polar bear be uplisted to Appendix 1 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  An Appendix 1 listing would provide further protection for polar bears by prohibiting international commercial trade in the species.

The decision should be an easy one.

Scientist estimate there are only 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears in existence. And they're battling against climate change, oil exploration and pollution.  The rampant killing of this iconic animal for needless trophies, rugs and decorations will only accelerate its slide into extinction.

Clearly, the trade in polar bear parts is not a fair trade. The polar bear's value comes from being able to roam in their natural habitat, preserved for future generations.

Help us give polar bears the life they need and deserve!  Please contact Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and urge him to propose the polar bear for an Appendix I listing for the upcoming CITES CoP. 

-- JF

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2 years ago

stop the needless slaughter of these animals i want laws passed to protect these innocent creatures

3 years ago

OBAMA does not care. All he cares about is power... He cares nothing about America or the wildlife within. He will give lip-service to get votes.. but don't count on him for anything else.

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