New and funky iPhone 5 covers can help save animals

Check out the Reveal IFAW range and show your support to friends with a stylish statement on your phone!As a media communications person my phone is never too far from my reach. And it gets stuffed into pockets, bags and backpacks as needed depending on whether I am having a meeting in a boardroom or lucky enough to be out in the field at one of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s projects.

So imagine my delight when we got contacted by Reveal—makers of very cool, environmentally friendly iPhone covers—who wanted to develop a range especially for IFAW.

The initial designs highlight four of our priority campaigns—protecting the world’s elephants; saving seals from the cruel and unsustainable Canadian commercial seal hunt; making oceans a safer place for whales; and caring for cats and dogs.

The funky designs look great and will help us in our ongoing fight to rescue and protect animals around the world, with part proceeds from every cover sold going towards our work.

I am currently sporting the seal cover since the seal hunt opened this month and thousands of seals are losing their lives right now for products nobody wants or needs.

I hope you will check out the Reveal IFAW range and show your support to friends with a stylish statement on your iPhone!

Let us know which one you prefer!


Visit the Reveal shop to get a look at each new IFAW style and support our efforts by making a purchase!

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Céline Sissler-Bienvenu, Director, France and Francophone Africa
Director, France and Francophone Africa
Dr. Cynthia Moss, IFAW Elephant Expert
IFAW Elephant Expert
Grace Ge Gabriel, Regional Director, Asia
Regional Director, Asia
James Isiche, Regional Director, East Africa
Regional Director, East Africa
Jason Bell, Program Director, Elephants Regional Director, South Africa
Program Director, Elephants, Regional Director, South Africa
Vivek Menon, Director of IFAW partner, Wildlife Trust of India
Senior Advisor to the CEO on Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy