Hundreds of rescued cats in Florida battle with disease

A rescued cat is examined by a veterinarian in Florida. © ASPCA/Mike BizelliTough day yesterday as more cats passed away from illnesses never treated. A vast majority of the 700 cats are very ill, requiring expert medical teams larger than I have ever seen.

We have two main teams here - a sheltering team responsible for daily feeding and cleaning. The other team is the medical team responsible for examining all cats as they entered the shelter and then providing daily treatment and evaluation in the effort of saving lives.

Our amazing International Fund for Animal Welfare teams have spent two weeks so far serving on both teams. I am serving as a shelter manager since leaving the crime scene of Caboodle Ranch. I now manage the daily care for these beautiful cats. That also means that I am the one who must alert the medical team when we observe the hundreds of cats suffering from lesions and congestion so severe that they struggle to breath or move.

We know so much of what we see could have been prevented with proper care that it breaks our hearts to know it may be too late for so many. We have behaviorists here that have introduced fascinating toys and vertical structures for the cats and we see the difference it makes in their lives as they continue to eat well and receive the medical treatment they so desperately need.

They have outdoor runs where they can enjoy the sunshine and slight Florida breeze as they heal inside and out. Cats, like any other creature, employ their unique method of communication - they welcome us each day with meows, head rubs against our arms, and when we hold them gently to wipe their eyes and nose, they look up through glassy eyes to say thank you, I just know it.

I am so proud to be leading this IFAW team on this journey to save these cats in crisis. The investigation is solid and the evidence overwhelming - I can only hope that these cats will receive justice sooner rather than later.


People who have relinquished their pets to Caboodle Ranch who would like to leave information about their pets can do so at the number and email provided below.

ASPCA hotline: 866-816-4804

ASPCA email:

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4 years ago

It was a pleasure to help.
Love your life!

4 years ago

That is sad.How doe's that happen .

4 years ago

To the posters below: this is not about PETA/ASPCA or any other organization you have a grudge against. It is about outright neglect and suffering of cats at Caboodle Ranch. Craig Grant is responsible for that, period.

Caboodle Ranch was not the cat playground it was made out to be. The founder was recently arrested for felony animal cruelty, and rescue groups are now treating the cats for a horrifying range of injuries and illnesses.

Details and documents are at

4 years ago

This post breaks my heart. But thank you so much for coming to the rescue of these fur babies and saving the cats that you could.

4 years ago

Shannon, I cry as I write this... Thank you so much for the humane wonderful work you and colleagues are doing for our fur babies. I too have rescued cats over the years. Best wishes and may God bless you and all who are doing this wonderful work. Gloria Hovde 

4 years ago

I have 10 cats at Caboodle Ranch and I'm calling the ASPCA hotline tomorrow to demand they be returned there. They are my friend and my cats. They should hear from us. :)

I support Caboodle Ranch, Inc and ask that you do too. I'm willing to testify on behalf of Craig Grant at Caboodle Ranch, Inc. Please pull your financial support of PETA and the ASPCA. Instead of offering him help, they falsely accused him of abuse. PETA and the ASPCA crying wolf serves to jeopardize and discredit any other legitimate undercover operation.

I know Craig Grant personally and unequivocally support him and Caboodle Ranch against the false accusations made against him. Last month the ASPCA and PETA wasted public donations on a fraudulent, drummed up 'undercover' investigation of an innocent, kind-hearted, overwhelmed man who never turned his back on any animal in need of a home. The sick, the discarded, the physically disabled - he took them all in and opened his property. This lead PETA and the ASPCA to make outrageous, blown out of proportion, drummed up false charges against him for 'animal cruelty and abuse'. The general public should be able to tell there is a huge difference between 30 cats with a cold out of 700 at Caboodle Ranch and illegal horse slaughtering for meat, the physical abuse of pigs with sledge hammers and saws for the fun of it, leaving 50,000 chickens to starve to death at a factory farm in California, and punching and beating dairy cows with fists and hammers. There was no ill intent to harm cats. Craig is a gentle kind soul and told me he in 2006 that he prefers the company of cats over humans. Now I see why and I can't say that I blame him.

Caboodle Ranch is a HUGE 30 acre property in North Florida that allows for the free roaming and safety of all unwanted cats. No cats were ever confined or abused. PETA and the ASPCA have no right to place this man in the same category as animal abusers. He just needed help. I hold the irresponsible pet owners who put forth no effort to find their pet a home, who never spayed their pet and used him as a dumping ground responsible as well. My heart breaks for him. I know him and believe in him. He needs our help. Please "LIKE" his page and give him your full support. He is a man of integrity. I don't say things like this lightly.

I met Craig in 2006. I have 10 cats at Caboodle Ranch that a friend and I rescued and whose lives were in crisis, about to end and were being hunted. As responsible pet owners and rescuers should do, another rescuer ensured each one was fixed and vaccinated before bringing them to him. We also collected and brought him cash donations to continue to care for the feral cats we dumped on him. That FIRM boundary should have always been advertised to the public. I personally saw many cats at Caboodle Ranch that were dumped on Craig already in bad shape, sick, physically disabled and handicapped. He accepted society's cast offs with open arms. This is not abuse.

The life Craig gave our Fort Lauderdale/North Broward feral cats saved their lives. I know that same compassionate and loving spirit Craig had continued to grow and as the years went on and more people used him as a dumping ground, it appears to have become more challenging for him. He needed help, not persecution and false accusations. I will not support the ASPCA and PETA ever again. I will vehemently support Caboodle Ranch in any way possible until he is cleared of these charges and his cats returned to him. Craig should be treated with compassion and empathy, not falsely charged with cruelty.

Sierra Marston
4 years ago

Hmmm.... why won't my comment post? Hmmm...

Sierra Marston
4 years ago

"...and when we hold them gently to wipe their eyes and nose, they look up through glassy eyes to say thank you, I just know it."

Oh Please!!! Why not take some time away from your 'blogging' to research the truth of the ranch? PETA and ASPCA aren't concerned that a man devoted his life to helping animals. It's all about the money for them. They staged video footage - which btw took them FIVE Months to get! If the ranch was so pittiful, the could have gathered their 'evidence' in a few hours. They increased their donations and fulfilled their political agenda by setting this man up. There are two sides to every story and if I wasn't aware of the whole story, I'd be mad as hell at CR. Instead I'm mad as hell at PETA and ASPCA.

4 years ago

Am amazing job done by everyone involved. So many sick kitties with URI,ringworm, cats crawling with fleas, Feline AIDs and open wounds.Not to mention being unvaccinated,unspayed and un-neutered.Great job ASPCA and IFAW. Stick to your mission to make the world for animals and people a much better place!! You rock!

4 years ago

Obrigada por tudo o que estao fazende por os nossos Gatos eu os Adoro mais uma vez OBRIGADA!!!!!!

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