Helping pets and owners reunite in the aftermath of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado

Survivors of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado comb through the debris. c. IFAW/Stewart CookAt the request Central Oklahoma Humane Society (OK Humane), I arrived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today to help them reunite pets and their owners who were separated by the massive Moore tornado that plowed through the central part of the state on May 20 (Monday).

The storm, which packed 200 mile-per-hour winds, displaced 33,000 people and destroyed or damaged as many as 13,000 homes.

The video reports of the complete destruction caused by the tornado are both shocking and riveting. In some places, the tornado cut a swath that is up to two miles wide, leveling everything in sight.

My heart goes out to the people who were affected.

Knowing that their pet has been found and is safe is a great comfort in a time like this.

We’ve seen the look of relief on the many faces of survivors of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters over the years.

Oklahoma residents can post pictures of pets that have been lost or found on Facebook: Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost and Found Animals  and

Our International Fund for Animal Welfare team will join the ASPCA and other groups in assisting OK Humane in caring for animals displaced by this violent tornado.

Stay tuned, there will be updates…


PS: As always, this sort of fast, hands-on response to helping animals in crisis would not be possible without the generous support of our donors like you.

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