Big Cat advocates take to the Hill

(Holding t-shirt) Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) sponsor of the big cats bill.During the past two days, I had the special privilege of meeting nearly twenty big cat advocates who traveled all the way to D.C. from California, Florida, Maryland, New Mexico and Pennsylvania to urge their Congressional representatives and senators to co-sponsor the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (H.R. 1998/S.1381).

I extend a huge thank you to Big Cat Rescue for partnering with IFAW to create this remarkable event—our first-ever big cat advocacy fly-in day!

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On Sunday evening, we kicked things off over dinner and a detailed overview of the campaign, key talking points, and discussed best strategies for impactful meetings.

Yesterday, the group took to the Hill.

Congressman Buck McKeon, (center) sponsor of the big cats bill.Accompanied by IFAW and Big Cat Rescue representatives, they collectively met with a total of eighteen Congressional offices throughout the day.

At the end, we topped it all off by taking photos with both gracious bill sponsors, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Representative Buck McKeon (R- CA25).  (Note our “Stand Up for Big Cats: Pass H.R. 1998/S.1381" t-shirts—Sen. Blumenthal mentioned he might wear his when he goes for a run!).

I strongly believe that this campaign is only made truly powerful by getting constituent stories heard.

Our fly-in day’s remarkable group included the concerned wife of a first responder, a mother and daughter who have experienced the horrors of roadside zoos, a retired businessman, a president of a non-profit, and more.

This is their campaign. I am honored to advocate for passage of the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act alongside them, and to share their vision of a better world where all big cats are respected and protected.


Ask your Congress member to support the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act and visit to get the latest campaign updates.

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