Animal rescue team aims to help starving livestock in Pakistan

Our goal is to help over 2,000 sheep, goats, cows, and buffalo with a feeding program where families and government wildlife officials will receive nutritional feed and clean water to distribute over a 30 day period.

UPDATED 5.27.14:

Attached please find an update from the Ravi Foundation. Also, below is a conversation between a Mayiou villager and a Ravi staff person which will warm your heart.--SW

A Hindu man, his name is Gonju and lives in Mayiou village. He is 45 years old, he keeps 10 cows and five sheeps. He said I have 15 cows and ten sheep few days ago. But due to bad drought my five cows and ten sheeps died. I was very much worried. I have no way to provide feed to my animals. I become sick, and was weeping in my hut once a day in meanwhile I heard the noise outside my hut. I saw outside that some people are talking with those people, those have wear kits and caps written on these kits and caps IFAW.

The Mayiou villager and the Ravi staff person converse.

I again ignore,

I was thinking that these people will make report and go back to their office. One of my friends called me Gonju, Gonju come out, these people want to provide feed and water for your animals, I at once ran to the team with tears. They write my name and asked me about my animals.

They promised me that they will provide feed on 30th April, 2014. I was in doubt but when I saw that Ravi Foundation Pakistan is enter in our village with lots of containers of feed and water, I cannot explain my excitement I forget my sickness and take the feed and water for my animals for one month and say thanks to IFAW and Ravi Foundation for this support of feed and water. IFAW is like angle of life for me.

I am praying from Issure (Hindu’s God) that IFAW and Ravi Foundation live long. I am very thankful for such a nice work.


IFAW is teaming up with our local partner Ravi Foundation to help animals in Pakistan as a drought devastates thousands of families. Villages throughout the Tharparkar District, located along the southeast border with India, suffered all spring and summer from lower than average monsoon rains. The lack of which prohibited the growth of crops so completely that the government had no choice but to ask Ravi Foundation and subsequently IFAW to provide the great amount of support needed to sustain thousands of animals, both domestic and wild.   

My IFAW Animal Rescue Program colleagues in the Wildlife Rescue division also support this emergency feeding program as they too realize that Pakistani national wildlife are struggling to survive.

Our goal is to help over 2,000 sheep, goats, cows, and buffalo with a feeding program where families and government wildlife officials will receive nutritional feed and clean water to distribute over a 30 day period. This program may be the last chance for most of these animals…and the people who care for them to reverse the terrible course this drought has placed them on..

Ravi Foundation will administer this program throughout the Tharparkar District, part of the Sindh Province. Recent reports issued by the Government of Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority predict that several thousands of animals have perished and close to 45,000 animals are affected by the lack of food and clean water.

We are so fortunate to work with local animal rescue organizations like Ravi Foundation around the globe who can act swiftly and competently when faced with disasters. I am so proud of this and many more collaborative relationships that expedite urgent care and support to help animals in crisis across all borders.


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