Kerry Branon, Media Relations Manager

Kerry Branon

Media Relations Manager

Kerry Branon manages media relations for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) United States. With 14 years of experience promoting animal welfare and conservation and a BS in Communication and Journalism, Kerry is an expert at advocating for environmental protection and securing media placement for important animal and conservation stories.  Kerry has produced short films on animals and the environment for the past ten years including her first feature film, Huntwatch about the non-indigenous commercial seal hunt in Canada, which is being distributed by Discovery and Lionsgate. Some of her favorite IFAW media moments include interviewing Jane Goodall in NYC, dancing with the Maasai in Kenya on her birthday, interviewing Cynthia Moss at her elephant camp in Amboseli National Park and visiting the orphaned elephant and rhino calves at the IFAW/WTI Wildlife Rescue Center in Northeast India.