Robbie Marsland, Regional Director, United Kingdom

Robbie Marsland

Regional Director, United Kingdom


Robbie leads a team of about 30 dedicated staff in London, focusing primarily on campaigns to ending commercial whaling, stopping the Canadian seal hunt, protecting elephants and other endangered species from commercial trade, and to ensuring the Hunting Act is enforced. In collaboration with other animal protection organisations, Robbie was a driving force in the successful campaign to pass the Hunting Act, which bans hunting with dogs in the UK.

In his role as Director of IFAW’s Seals Programme, Robbie worked closely with all of IFAW’s European offices to successfully pass a ban on the importation of seal products into the European Union. Robbie leads IFAW’s campaign to stop Icelandic whaling through dialogue and raising awareness of the cruelty of the whale hunt, and he leads the IFAW UK team in campaigns to raise awareness and change government policy to stop illegal wildlife trade..

As a seasoned campaigner, Robbie has appeared regularly on UK television news and current affairs programmes and has often addressed both the House of Commons and the House of Lords on important animal welfare issues. Each year in Parliament as part of IFAW’s annual education programme, Robbie presents Animal Action Awards to people who have taken outstanding actions on behalf of animals. This helps raise awareness of animal welfare issues as well as furthering IFAW’s mission. 


  • Campaigns and Communications Director, IFAW UK
  • Seals Programme Director, IFAW
  • Campaigns Director, Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, UK
  • Campaigns Director, Action Aid, UK
  • International Coordinator, Campaign Against Torture, Amnesty International
  • International Coordinator, Refugee Campaigns, Amnesty International
  • International Coordinator, Country Campaigns, Amnesty International
  • Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts, UK


Bachelor of Science (BSc/Hons), Sociology, North London University

IFAW Publications

Contributor, No Return to Cruelty - Report on why hunting ban should not be repealed


Grapevine Iceland Interview: Meet Us Don’t Eat Us  (Campaign against whaling)

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