Philip Milburn, Vice President of Philanthropy

Philip Milburn

Vice President of Philanthropy


Philip brings more than 20 years of experience in fund raising, partnership development, philanthropic campaigns and not-for-profit executive management to IFAW. He and a team of devoted professionals are bringing donors closer to IFAW’s animal protection programs, welcoming new supporters who care about the future of animal populations and partnering with other organizations to end cruelty and conserve what’s left of wild places for animals to roam.

Generous and loyal supporters of IFAW count on the organization to meet the needs of animals in crisis. IFAW philanthropic programs are constantly evolving to meet these needs and to provide a variety of easy ways for people to give of their time, talents and resources. To advance the IFAW mission, Philip has prioritized identifying new ways for supporters to help animals via the Internet, providing fresh updates and insight for donors on the impact of their donations on animal welfare and developing simple opportunities for supporters to make a significant difference for animals.

Philip also brings significant experience in membership marketing, event management, television programming, publishing and multi-media advertising, international relations, change management and strategic and business planning to his role as part of IFAW’s Executive Management Team.


National Director of Development, Ducks Unlimited (North America wetlands conservation), USA
Marketing and Corporate Relations Director, Ducks Unlimited, USA
Corporate Relations and Brand Management Director, Ducks Unlimited, USA
Executive leader within global sports marketing and the structure of the United States Olympic Committee


Bachelor of Science (BSc), Business Administration/Finance, Ohio State University, USA
Advanced Coursework, Center for Philanthropy/The Fundraising School, Indiana University, USA


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