mōksa organics’ mission is to be an active part of the much-needed solutions for a sustainable future. mōksa has this in mind with every bar of soap it makes and is also proud to have received the federally recognized certification mark as a carbon neutral company.

mōksa organics’ products do not include bulk packaging, wasted materials, long lists of ingredients few people can pronounce, or packaging that contribute to environmental hazards or questionable ethics. For example, its products will never include palm oils because commercial harvesting of palms for its oil is the leading cause of the ecosystem’s loss of habitat and deforestation.

At mōksa organics, there is a vision to support and partner with local and global organizations that protect, and actively make changes for the Earth by working towards:

  • Development of alternative agriculture and sustainable land and water use practices

  • Endangered species conservation

  • Land conservation

  • Acquisition and restoration of green spaces

  • Sustainability programs that focus on workshops and education

We are proud to have mōksa organics as a corporate partner for our Animal Action Education program.