21st Century Tiger supports carefully vetted tiger projects focusing on anti-poaching, education, habitat restoration and monitoring with money raised by zoos, the public and socially responsible businesses.

It is a wild tiger conservation partnership between the Zoological Society of London and Global Tiger Patrol and one of the top seven tiger funding agencies globally, contributing more that £1.7 million ($2.7 million USD) to more than 60 tiger projects in 7 countries worldwide. One-hundred percent of all donations go to wild tiger conservation.

In 2010, 21st Century awarded IFAW a generous grant to support IFAW’s educational outreach on tiger conservation in China. Although China banned the domestic trade of tiger bone in 1993, the residual demand in China for tiger bone remains. Reducing demand for tiger parts and products from all sources is essential if wild tigers are to be saved from poaching that is causing their precipitous decline.