WATCH: Rapid assessment in Philippines leads to continuation of animal rescue operations

We're back in Tacloban to continue our animal rescue operations.

I'm now joined by two veterinarians and an emergency responder from our partner group, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

In the next few days, our goal is to vaccinate close to 500 dogs and cats against rabies which is quite prevalent in the Philippines, and also administer injectable vitamins for companion and farm animals and hand out pet food.

Your donation represents crucial support of our animal rescue efforts.

This is just the first of several campaigns scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

Together with your support, we'll be able to help thousands of animals impacted by one of the worst storms in history.

Please check out the following video of our rapid assessment conducted last week in Tacloban.

Be warned, the video includes graphic images which are not suitable for everyone.

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