Badger culls under way, take action, make your voice heard

Be sure to make your voice heard for our badgers!Well, it’s happening. 

The cull has started. 

In the middle of the night men with rifles and shotguns are stalking the countryside in parts of Somerset trying to find out if they can kill 70% of all the badgers there efficiently and humanely. 

A not so pretty pass.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and the rest of the Team Badger coalition told the Government that the 10-year study commissioned from the best scientists in the UK had concluded that a cull could make the bovine TB situation worse. 

We told the Government that killing 70% of all UK badgers in the hope that TB in cattle would reduce by 16% was wholly disproportionate. We asked them to think again – almost 300,000 times on the official Government website. But David Cameron only seems to have ears for the National Farmers’ Union. Bovine TB in cattle is a terrible thing. It would be awful to make it worse.

David Cameron seems to be suggesting that the results of the pilot culls are a foregone conclusion and that the cull will be rolled out in the rest of the country as part of a 25-year strategy to eradicate TB. 

That’s deeply worrying. 

Pilots should be tests. And tests should be properly evaluated before they are rolled out. In this case the results should be scrutinised by Parliament. That’s why IFAW sent out an e-alert recently asking our supporters to call on their MPs to back the call for the issue to be scutinised and agreed in Parliament before any further roll-out.  

At IFAW we are committed to continuing our peaceful and lawful opposition to this cull. We have helped train “wounded badger patrol” groups in gathering data from any wounded or dead badgers they may encounter, and from any badger shooting incident they may come across while lawfully patrolling the cull areas. We hope their information will add to the evidence being gathered so secretly by the Government, and perhaps assist the police or Natural England in investigating unlicensed shootings or breaches of licence conditions. We have also helped train the groups to gather this evidence in a safe and lawful way.

It is great to see that the petition on the Government website is nearing 300,000 and an easy way of helping the campaign will be to add your name to it, if you haven’t already done so. The other way to help is to ask your MP to sign the EDM (Early Day Motion) 299 that calls for another Parliamentary debate on the results of the pilot culls before any further roll out of this dangerous cull.


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