Bill Oddie's musings on his pursuit of the well-traveled cetacean, the orca

don, 04/18/2013
Orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada

Orcas off the coast of Vancouver Island, CanadaI have now been on three whale watching trips in – or should that be from? - Iceland. The first one was quite a few years ago, out of Husavik in the north.

We saw a couple of porpoises and a distant dolphin, but no whales whatsoever.

This struck me as worryingly ironic.

Lawsuit could make for a chilling fate for ice seals

din, 04/16/2013
An ice seal. Photo:NOAA

Recently, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association announced a plan to sue the US government over the recent decision to list two types of ice dependent seals as threatened under the US Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The suit claims there is 'no scientific evidence linking climate change now or in the future' to adverse effects on the newly listed ringed and bearded seals. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  

Wie Luftblasen und Vibration Wale vor Unterwasserlärm schützen können

VIDEO: Bärenwaisen in Russland machen erste tapsige Schritte

maa, 04/01/2013

Toma, die man im Video ihre ersten Schritte machen sieht, ist eine von sechs geretteten Bärenwaisen, die zurzeit in der IFAW-Rettungsstation für Bären im russischen Bubonitsy ihre Rehabilitation durchlaufen.

Heroic Pennsylvania firefighter credits rescue team training in the saving of two cats

din, 04/16/2013
Group photo of IFAW-NACA Animal Behavior and Handling course.

IFAW-NACA Animal Behavior and Handling course participants.We just received the following heroic story from Michael Wood, Battalion Chief, Doylestown Fire Company #1 who attended our International Fund for Animal Welfare - National Animal Control Association (NACA) Animal Behavior and Handling course last Sunday, Michael's note is below:

Which MEP did the most for animal welfare in 2013?

vri, 04/12/2013
Which MEP did the most for animal welfare in 2013?

The 2012 MEP Award winners.Nominations are now open for this year’s MEP Awards, and for the second time IFAW will be sponsoring an Animal Welfare award.


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vri, 04/05/2013


        国际爱护动物基金会(International Fund for Animal Welfare,简称IFAW,敦促日本放弃其垂死的捕鲸产业。自1987年日本开始所谓的“科研捕鲸”以来,捕鲸船本次在南极水域捕鲸数量是最少的。

        去年12月,日本捕鲸船离港驶向南大洋保护区,意图捕杀近千头鲸类;包括935头小须鲸和50头长须鲸。日本渔业局(Japan’s Fisheries Agency)今天(周五)宣布本季度捕获了103头南极小须鲸,没有捕到长须鲸。


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