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Looking for tools and resources to educate and inspire young people about animals and our shared environment? You've come to the right place! IFAW offers a wide variety of free thematic education packs including teaching guides, lessons, worksheets, videos, and interactive activities aligned with core curricula in more than 18 countries and eight languages plus Braille.

Animal Action Education in the Middle East

In 2007, IFAW opened its first Middle East office in UAE and strengthened its work on global animal conservation and welfare issues. Since its opening, Animal Action Education has been reaching thousands of young people in UAE, Kuwait, Yemen and Jordan.

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Download IFAW's free resource packs in Arabic for elementary school students »


Belong to the Wild in Arabic

Belong to the Wild
(Ages 8-10; Grades 4-5)
Student magazine & activities (AR) »
Classroom poster (AR) »
Nasser & Shabool story (AR; Ages 6-8) »
Nasser & Shabool story (EN; Ages 6-8) »


Big Trunks, Tiny Tales in Arabic

Big Trunks, Tiny Tales
(Ages 6-8; Grades 1-3)
Student magazine & activities (AR)»


Elephants Never Forget in Arabic

Elephants, Never Forget
(Ages 8-10; Grades 4-5)
Student magazine & activities (AR) »
Online classroom video (AR) »


Under One Sky in Arabic

Under One Sky
(Ages 8-10; Grades 4-5)
Online classroom video (AR) »


Beneath the Waves in Arabic

Beneath the Waves
(Ages 8-10; Grades 4-5)
Student magazine & activities (AR)»
Online classroom video (AR) »


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IFAW’s Animal Action programme is an international educational partner of:

AAE in the Middle East - Kids Club

Belong to the Wild Program

Meet Nasser and Shabool

Nasser is a kid who keeps a lion cub named Shabool as a pet! Although he loves the lion cub his parents decide to send the cub to the authority. Read the storybook to find out why:

Nasser and Shabool (AR) »
Nasser and Shabool (EN) »