For decades, IFAW has provided hands-on care to dogs and cats at projects around the world and advocated for humane approaches to managing dog and cat population issues. Our work addresses problems such as animal neglect and abuse, public health threats from aggressive animals, and nuisance complaints.

Dog and cat welfare issues are inherently complex, with cultural and community-specific behaviours and beliefs that can make it challenging to address the problems people experience with dogs and cats.  However, these challenges can be overcome by identifying, engaging and empowering a group of individuals from within the community.  Community engagement is the key to long-term sustainable solutions that improve the lives of both animals and people.

Based on our experience, IFAW has developed an approach to helping communities find solutions called Humane Communities Development.  As part of HCD, we have created a set of tools that recognize that each community needs its own unique, appropriate plan, that is guided by local people.

Since IFAW staff cannot provide direct support in every community, we are providing these tools and resources for dedicated individuals like you who want to help dogs and cats in their community.

Keep Wild Animals Wild Program

New for K-8!

The Keep Wild Animals Wild lesson plans, videos and worksheets explore what makes an animal wild, why we need to keep wild animals wild and how we can help protect wild animals from the threat of wildlife trade.

You will find these and a wealth of other free, multi-lingual educational resources from IFAW’s Animal Action Education program via the regional links to your left.

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