Spotlight Australia: We do indeed need a sane and calm debate on whaling

Tue, 03/06/2012
Spotlight Australia: Let's have a sane and calm debate on whaling

This is an yet unpublished letter to the editor of Australia’s The Age in response to the March 2nd opinion written by Mr. Peter Bridgewater. - ED

Dear Sir

Peter Bridgewater is right, we do need a sane, calm debate on whaling but that debate, like any on animal welfare or conservation issues has to be one that reflects our values.

In Bali, an opportunity to set an animal welfare example for the whole world

Tue, 03/06/2012
Balinese kindergartners after an animal welfare education session. c. 2012 IFAW

On February 16th, The Jakarta Post published the article “Bali lowers rabies alert level: Good news or bad?”- reporting that following island-wide rabies vaccination efforts, the Bali health agency has lowered the rabies alert level on the island.  Janice Girardi, Founder and Director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare-supported Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) reflects on this news with the important reminder that eradicating rabie

Welches Krokodil steckt im Damenschuh?

Wed, 02/22/2012
Welches Krokodil steckt im Damenschuh?

Auf diese spannende Frage bin ich heute bei einem Termin im Zoologischen Museum der Universität Hamburg gestoßen.

Protestation massive sur Internet contre les fermes à ours en Chine

Wed, 03/28/2012
Un ours noir d’Asie. c. IFAW

Un ours noir d’Asie. c. IFAWEn décembre 1996, j'ai pu assister à la remise en liberté de huit ours noirs d'Asie dans le premier sanctuaire pour ours de Chine, une opération rendue possible grâce à l'action du Fonds international pour la protection des animaux.

Tausende protestieren im Internet gegen chinesische Bärenfarmen

Tue, 02/28/2012
Ein Kragenbär. c. IFAW

Ein Kragenbär. c. IFAWIm Dezember 1996 war ich Zeuge, wie acht Kragenbären aus der vom IFAW gegründeten, ersten Bärenrettungsstation Chinas in die Freiheit marschierten.

15 Jahre später versucht nun ein chinesischer Bärenfarmbetreiber mit einem Antrag auf Börsenzulassung, die grausame Branche in großem Stil auszuweiten.

L’œil regarde mais l’esprit voit

Fri, 03/02/2012
L’œil regarde mais l’esprit voit

J’ai toujours un livre sur moi quand je voyage. La plupart du temps, j’en choisis un à l’aéroport qui ne soit pas trop pesant pour l’intellect ou pour les bras : cela m’évite de me sentir coupable ou incommodé si je m’endors dessus.

Des centaines de chats maltraités sauvés en Floride, leur propriétaire arrêté

Tue, 02/28/2012
L’un des chats sauvés, désormais entre les mains des soignants en Floride. c. AS

L’un des chats sauvés, désormais entre les mains des soignants en Floride. c. ASPCA/Mike BizelliSi nous affrontons aujourd’hui la pluie torrentielle qui s’abat sur la Floride, c’est pour porter secours aux centaines de chats qui ont désespérément besoin de notre aide.

Spotlight Africa: Championing Ngamba Island’s chimpanzees

Tue, 03/06/2012
Spotlight Africa: Championing for Ngamba Island’s Chimpanzees

One of the chimps, Afrika, being groomed in the forest. c. IFAWAbout 16 miles off the coast of Uganda, in Lake Victoria, lies Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT). The island is home to 44 chimpanzees that are looked after by a sanctuary manager and 13 care givers.

Recognising the efforts of one of our many animal heroes

Mon, 03/05/2012
Recognising the efforts of one of our many animal heroes

It’s amazing how many times I feel humbled in this job. I seem to be constantly surrounded by people who are willing to go that extra mile for animals.

Each year, we recognise the work of about a dozen of the UK’s many animal heroes by presenting them with Animal Action Awards at a ceremony at the House of Lords. Recently, I had the privilege of travelling to Hull in the North East of England, to present an award to one of these heroes who sadly, because of serious illness, wasn’t able to travel to our 2011 awards event in London.

Spotlight Middle East: A tiger in your tank

Mon, 03/05/2012
Spotlight Middle East: A Tiger in your Tank

VIDEO: An Esso spot from the 1960s...

Exxon, or Esso as it was known in those days (and still is in some parts of the world) used to have an advertisement on television touting the wonders of their gasoline products claiming that if you filled your tank with Exxon you were putting a tiger in your tank.