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21 June 2014 [field_author_uid]
The ownership of exotic animals in the United States is a huge and looming issue. Reality check: did you know there are more Watch Video »
4 September 2014 [field_author_uid]
It’s as if fate has been against Littlefoot for most of his young life. But every obstacle he’s faced has been Watch Video »
10 September 2014 [field_author_uid]
With the bright sun high above our heads we notice that the flood waters on every corner of Kaziranga National Park are Watch Video »
2 October 2014 [field_author_uid]
After our arrival on Sunday, the IFAW team, together with local partners from the Albay Provincial Veterinary Services, Watch Video »
6 October 2014 [field_author_uid]
Something as simple as a piece of rope has helped save thousands of lives, both humans and animals, in the Albay Province Watch Video »
9 December 2014 [field_author_uid]
A 3 month-old baby rhino that was found critically injured near someone’s home in Northeast India was rescued by IFAW Watch Video »