Asia for Animals: A Single Spark Can Ignite a Praire Fire - The IFAW table at the Asia for Animals conference - The IFAW table at the Asia for Animals conference

The comments below were the International Fund for Animal Welfare Asia regional director Grace Gabriel's opening remarks at the Asia for Animals conference held in China.  - ED

The Asia for Animals (AfA) conference is being held for the first time in mainland China, the country of my birth. The International Fund for Animal Welfare is proud to be one of the founding members for AfA and its sponsor.

The AfA has come a long way. I remember at the first AfA, the delegation from China was so small that the emcee forgot to acknowledge us during row call!

Today, having Asia for Animals conference in China has made it possible for so many Chinese animal groups to participate.

I know how important it is to simply meet and talk with people from around the world who share our belief of ending animal cruelty. It is important for us to know that we are not alone, although so often we feel that way.

A Chinese saying goes--a single spark can ignite a prairie fire. Everyone in the conference represents a spark of hope for animals. The conference gives us the platform to share experiences and ideas, to discuss and debate issues, and to get inspiration from each other. So that when we leave the conference, we will have new ideas, more confidence and renewed energy to fight the good fight for animals.


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5 years ago

Lets fight for the animals with a new zeal & determination, The injustice and cruelty to animals is just not accepatable and no one has got the right to abuse them. But those who gain by abusing, torturing and killing animals will not give up easily. However, the people's opinion is shifting in favour of animals. Things have begun to change slowly in China as people are becoming more aware and opposing cruel acts of authorities. I see a distant ray of hope that will guide and motivate all animal lovers.

5 years ago

Yes, there is a ray of hope for the suffering, abused animals in China. The majestic tigers languishing in tiger farms. Countless animals suffering and dying at fur farms. The road ahead is difficult and very long. But one thing is certain: the suffering, abused animals will never be forgotten.

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