World Animal Day milestone as European Commission endorses Animal Action Education programme

The cover of the Cats, Dogs and Us EU multilingual DVD that will be available soon.For all of us in IFAW, October 4th, World Animal Day, is always a special day. On this day, animals are celebrated through special events taking place all around the globe.

But this year, for the Animal Action Education programme, October 4th has a very sweet taste. It not only marks the launch of our new Cats, Dogs and Us theme but for the first time ever the European Commission (EC) will officially endorse our programme in the European Union.

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We can now use the EC logo on all our educational material produced by IFAW’s offices in Belgium, France, UK, Germany and The Netherlands for the Cats, Dogs and Us theme.

Today, the European Commission will announce the launch of Cats, Dogs and Us via Twitter to its followers across the European Union. Later, the EC will also communicate the event on its website, and on 28 October we will be presenting the AAE programme and the European multilingual DVD during the Conference on the welfare of cats and dogs in the EU organized by the EC and the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU.

I take this recognition as an official testament to the quality of the AAE programme and related material; something we can all be very proud of. I am confident that this will help increase the visibility of Animal Action Education not only in Europe but also worldwide.

The EC logo on our IFAW materials reinforces our reputation as a purveyor of high-quality educational materials and most importantly should increase the number of educators using the materials leading to a generation of Europeans better sensitised to animals, their welfare and importance to our world.

Happy World Animal Day!


For more information about IFAW Animal Action Education efforts, visit our campaign page. 

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