Watch: Dr. Elsayed Mohamed Speaks to Emirates 24/7 on Dubai One: Wild Animals Belong to the Wild

In this recent interview by Emirates 24/7 on Dubai One Television, Dr. Elsayed Mohamed talked about the growing phenomenon of keeping wild animals as pets in private houses.

Dr. Elsayed Mohamed talks with Emirates 24/7 on Dubai One Television.

Click on the image above to watch the interview.

The interview pointed wild pets’ threats on public health and safety as well as how this human behavior has negative sides on animal welfare and conservation policies.  

He also addressed the actions needed to be taken to stop private ownership of wild animals.

Timeline: incidents related to dangerous wild animals within UAE


Incident description

March, 2012

Gulfnews: Lion shocker at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

March, 2012

Guldnews: A leopard spots in the back seat of a car in Dubai city.

March, 2012

National: A Hungry Cheetah caught in Al-Ain city.

March, 2012

National: A baboon was roaming in Al-Ain city streets.

March, 2012

National: A second baboon in a week found roaming.

Feb, 2012

E24/7: Tiger taken for a ride in Dubai city.

March, 2011

Gulfnews: Young primate spotted at a petrol station in Dubai city.

Nov, 2011

E24/7: Python blocks Al-Ain City Centre traffic.

Sep, 2011

Gulfnews: A man “walking” a cheetah near Dubai Media City.

July, 2011

E24/7: Sarah, age two, saved from a lion being kept as pet in Ajman

May, 2011

National: An injured cheetah is found roaming the streets in Abu Dhabi city.

Dec, 2010

National: A cheetah was wandering Sharjah city’s streets at prayer time.

March, 2010

Gulfnews: A snake was spotted in a public school in Ras Al Khaimah city.

Dec, 2009

Gulfnews: A python spread panic in Sharjah city.

April, 2009

Gulf News: Twenty-year-old boy takes snake to class.

Jan, 2007

Gulfnews: A runaway crocodile creates panic in Ras Al Khaimah city.

August, 2006

Gulfnews: Lions and cheetah kept in one bedroom flat.

Nov, 2005

Gulfnews: A resident was outraged after she spotted a tiger looking out of car.

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