Promoting Animal Action Education to 2,000 international school teachers

The author (right) with a visitor to the IFAW stand at the RAI Amsterdam.Our stand at the European Council of International School’s (ECIS) annual conference in Amsterdam attracted teachers from all over the world.

Some were interested in our materials. Others took away registration forms for our latest DVD Cats, Dogs and Us. Still others shared stories about their own pets – including one man at an international school in Cuba who had adopted seven stray dogs from the streets of Havana.

The conference allowed us to make very interesting contacts with educational consultants and international schools curricula providers such as the International Baccalaureate and Field work Education, which could help us to promote AAE materials more effectively to schools in the future.

Held in the RAI conference centre, the conference and exhibit was visited by over 2000 international school teachers and professionals working in the field of international education.

ECIS is a global membership organisation comprised of international schools, individuals and educational organisations.

To date, our educational materials are used by teachers and students in over 200 International Schools worldwide, and still growing. Whether you are a teacher or not, you can also register and receive a free copy of our European multilingual DVD Cats, Dogs and Us!


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Cora Bailey
Director, Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW)
Cynthia Milburn, Director, Animal Welfare Outreach & Education
Senior Advisor, Policy Development
Ellie Milano, Program Officer, Companion Animals
Program Officer, Companion Animals
Gail A'Brunzo, IFAW Wildlife Rescue Manager
Wildlife Rescue Manager, IFAW HQ
Jan Hannah
Northern Dogs Project Manager
Kate Nattrass Atema, Program Director, Companion Animals
Program Director, Companion Animals
Veterinarian, DVM, PhD
Veterinarian, DVM, PhD
Manager, Animal Rescue-Disasters